Hidden of the vertical scroll bar on raspberry

I use habpanel on a raspberry pi 3 with the original 7" touch display.
happanel is shown with chromium browser and starts with autostart …
it work fine.
my problem is that on the right side there is the scrollbar visible …
i will hidden the scrollbar, but i don’t now how.

does someone knows, how i can hide the scrollbar via autostart?


I’ve tried lots of flags… but no luck!! Hopefully someone knows!

This couldn’t be simpler once you know how…

make /http/main.css in your openHAB config folder and paste this in;

html {
    overflow:   scroll;
    /*overflow-x: hidden;*/
  ::-webkit-scrollbar {
      width: 0px;
      background: transparent; /* make scrollbar transparent */

Then in HABpanel, in settings - Additional stylesheet (optional) type;


Job should be done!

Hi jmccoy555,

just stumbled over this today 1 1/2 years later… whilst creating my habpanel. You made my day.

This works like a charm as on touch screens you do not need scrollbars (assuming) everybody in the house knows that there is more content down on the page :slight_smile: