Hide item by network presence in Habpanel


first a happy new year to you all.

I am using openhab 2.3 on my raspberry and I am using habpanel with different switches.
The switches are used for controlling a TP Link Kasa HS100 WLAN Plug.

One of the switch is temporary not used.
I want to create a rule/template code to hide the button on Habpanel when there is no network presence from the WLAN Plug.

I would be greatful for any hints or ideas…

You could do this it with a custom widget. Not sure of any ones which support it natively.

      <span ng-if="(itemValue(item.name + 'Status') == 'ERROR')" >

Here is hide away spanner based on item value.
You couldn’t use css today make the the widget container hidden.