Hide notification on mobile


I’m currently using telegram to send notifications to my mobile for example if a window is opened too long. What I would like to do is to hide the notification programatically that was sent to my mobile.

For example if I don’t check my mobile for a while and meanwhile the window is closed again. I’m no longer interested in the obsolete message that the window was opened too long before.

Any idea which service I could use for this feature? I think on iphone it is called silent push notification.

Thanks for any hint

This will be completely independent of OH. You will need to research Telegram to see if there is a setting or something there you can do.

Hi Rich,

thanks for the reply. As of my knowledge it is not possible with telegram, hangout, etc. Thats why I posted the question. I was wondering if anyone in the openhab community is aware of some kind of messaging/notification service that would provide such a feature and that is accessible via openhab.

Edit: Actually the new Telegram API provides for a deleteMessage call (see API for details). But it is not yet supported by the openhab addon. How/where can we apply for such a enhancement request? It would be really beneficial, I guess for various users. Thanks a lot…