Hide number / switch from control page (Paper UI)

Hello everyone,

I have a short question :slight_smile:
How can I hide items from the Paper UI Control Dashboard?

I’ve reconfigured some items and now their numbers appear at the Control Page (openHAB 2)…
But I don’t want them there :wink:

My item looks like:
Number zw_wandschalter_1 “Scenen Nummer” {channel=“zwave:device:888888888:node1:scene_number”}

I’ve tried to set visibility=false, but this does not work :frowning:

Thank you and Greetings

Please be aware that the Paper UI is only meant as an “administrative” interface, i.e. a way to configure your system.

The Control Dashboard is only meant as a way to get an overview of all your things/items, and is not something you can tweak to show what you like.

You should rather have a look at one of the other UI’s, e.g. the Basic and the concept of sitemaps:

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Hi KjetilA,

thank you for your response :slight_smile:

I see, that makes sense.