High latency fibaro z-wave devices since 2.4.0 stable

since I am using the new zwave binding in 2.4.0 stable my fibaro devices have enormous latencies.
It is a fibaro dimmer switch and a single switch. If my motion sensor is activated (Zwave device as well) its straight away written in the log. But the switch needs some time ages and some time it goes instantly. My feeling is,the longer it was not fired the longerbbb it needs to switch on the light.
Same with my fibaro dimmer switch. If switching it on in basic ui, it needs ages to be updated in the logs and to react. If I am fast enough some swich actions are even swallowed.
The things are initialized correctly and integrated in a wide zwave network with heaps of powered neighbor nodes.

@chris: Would be really nice if you could have a look on my log. Maybe you see some anomalies. I just found out, that I got a lot of Timeouts of one of the device(node 36), which needs ages to react. Nearly similar with the node 75.
Node 36 is a fibaro single switch, 75 is the fibaro door sensor.

openhab - Kopie.log (785.0 KB)
If you need more details or logs, its not a big deal for me to upload them.

Might be a silly question, but have you removed and readded all your z-wave devices as mentioned in the release notes of 2.4?

Well I was testing nearly all 2.4.0 snapshots with the new designed zwave binding. So yes did that :wink:

Now I have even problems with the communication of my zwave thermostats. Thats really anoying, because the heaters run hours for nothing.
I will try tobinstall the old, working zwave binding. I havent had any problems with my zwave mesh with the old binding.

Do a search on the forum about rejected by controller messages to see what that shows…

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Thanks for that hint. Doing a soft reset of my controler really solved the issue by now. Even my feeling is, that the comands are getting much faster through my mesh.
Edit: After 5 hours same issues in my mesh. Some zwave switches do not react to commands, but no errors in the log.