High Voltage Current Switch Recommendation

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I am about to install a charger for my EV and want to have it switchable by OH (disconnect power, when I am not at home).
Since my Fibaro Switches are limited to 8A, I need another switch, that supports 32A.
Can any of you recommend a CE certified device (zwave preferred) or a workaround for that?


I’m pretty sure you will not find a device which supports more than 16A directly, but of course you can use a high power contactor to switch 32A and switch the control voltage with whatever you want… :slight_smile:

I think you should be careful!
Depending on your electrical consumers, the sustained contact current has to be calculated (if you have inductive loads, the starting current can sometimes be 3 times more than the nominal).
As @Udo_Hartmann said, I don’t think you will find smart relays over 16A rating. You can always use what you have (the 8A relay) as an intermediate relay for a bigger current rated relay (let’s call it dumb powerful relay), by energizing the coil of the big one through the switching of the small relay.


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Lower current controls such as 30/40 amps are not hard to find and are not so expensive. The higher current contactors get to be a lot more expensive. I want to install a Tesla wall connector on a 90 amp circuit allowing up to 72 amps charging current. Relays at this current rating are rather expensive, the lowest price I’ve found is $145 with a 120VAC coil so it still requires another switch to control it if using something like a ESP8266 for control.

Just to throw my hat into the ring…

Surely there must be a control line or inhibit function on the charger?

Please don’t tell me that these cars hook up to a live connection?

I do know that the Nissan Leaf can be given a time to be fully charged by, or be aware of lower price charging times.

Have a search. I recently answered almost the exact same question…

Doesn’t openHAB provide a tesla binding?

Really? A Tesla binding??? That would be pretty awesome. I’ve seen a few apps that can do things with Tesla cars, but they require you to give log in information to third parties. I assume an OpenHAB binding would not work that way? You can maintain security without trusting third parties?

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