HIK Vision AX PRO alarm system

Any one interested in hik vision AX PRO binding? i can’t find any working plugins right know, home assistant is probably close to make it happen. i Own some hik alarm devices including AX PRO and would be happy to contribute

oh my progress so far:

Using node-red with GitHub - Supergiovane/node-red-contrib-hikvision-ultimate: A native set of node for Hikvision Cameras, Doorbells, Alarms, Radars etc.

Created a small flow for the alarm like the example in the documentation and added a mqtt service for sending information received from AX PRO to openhabs mqtt, created a generic mqtt item and i can now use it to arm/dismarm/turnoff alarm etc. Steps to begin:

1/ Install node-red
3/ Setup a mqtt server (can be the same if you are already using one with your openhab
2/ Go to node-red web gui and install node-red-contrib-hikvision-ultimate package
3/ Created the flow test it