Hikvision camera feed in sitemap

Been struggling with stream in a browser for years since npapi was depreciated.
I have literally just found an answer without transcoding that may be of interest to people.
It’s called nimble streamer.
I have set it up on Windows to test but will be migrating to my nas to run alongside openHAB.
Basically you set up the server, disable authentication on rtsp stream(within camera) and it encapsulates the stream in many formats that you can put in a html video tag and use a web view item within your sitemap.
Any further info then ask, couldn’t find an easier way to to this and I’m sure there are many others that could do with it

You may be interested in checking out my new binding that I will link to below as it will give you the ability to display a snapshot that can auto update with a user adjustable refresh rate (I use 1 second updates that only happen when an alarm is triggered). It should use lower bandwidth then a steady stream. The other main difference is that you will not need to disable the authentication as my binding supports BASIC as well as digest auth methods, I need someone with a HIKvision to confirm the auth does in fact work and provide a log output if it does not.


Hi Matt, does your binding allow for video feeds straight into a sitemap or habpanel widget? I have armcrest/dahua cameras with digest auth and we are using nginx now but its incredibly slow/problematic to proxy the feeds into habpanel


Kind of, it uses snapshots that can be refreshed up to 1 new picture a second. I am playing with a few ideas to get true video streams working but the more I look into it the less keen I am of taking it on as it would be a nightmare to support people as every brand of camera would need to be handled in a different way. I am also more than happy with a 1 FPS feed as I will never use openhab as a video surveillance package. Some require a plugin to be installed before a browser will display the video stream and some only allow mjpeg streams in a 4:3 format and so on. The snapshot method just works and allows widescreen format.

hi 2 all …
i solve this in a differend way :wink:

i use on my linux-server motioneye for motiondedection, recording, storing, 4 cam overview, snapshots and more as a “Surveillance Station”.
motioneye can allso video streaming, it transcode the Hikvision rtsp:// (CAM) to a (Server where motioneye run) and you can allso change the size of the viedeo to reduce traffic is easy to use in the openhab panel via picture
and you see real time motion not only pictures with 5 or more sec delay :smile:

have fun


The binding now can do what you wish, I would love to hear if this is faster and lower CPU than your current method of nginx as a proxy as I have implemented my own Netty based proxy.

I’ll test this over the next week or so. Currently using images refreshing every second in habpanel/site maps but it causes huge resource usage (4 x cameras) and is flakey.
Thanks for the update, so I’m assuming this can now use (for hikvison)
Http://IPADDRESS/Streaming/Channels/102/httppreview ?
Httppreview being an mjpeg live stream

Yes I have tested it working for Hikvision, Amcrest/Dahua. That url looks to be what I used for the default so you don’t need to enter it for hikvision if you select the right ONVIF MEDIA PROFILE which just selects the substream you want. Profile 1 will give you the first substream and is what your url would fetch.

The issue with snapshots and the way it works is that even when you are not watching the image, the binding is still requesting and using CPU and network traffic. The new streaming will stop when no one is watching so it is very different. Interested to hear what you prefer.