Hire setup help

I have a new house rehab and want to use Openhab for automation and need someone to set it up as I am not proficient in this area. I live in New Orleans and would like to hire a professional to assist with the setup. If there is such help available I would like to be contacted.

It would be for a whole house application. Thank you in advance for your help.


Here are some questions you need to be able to answer. (Mostly since this is a rehab).

(Assuming that you will mostly try to use z-wave for switches and dimmers, etc. It generally works well…)

The foremost question is the state of the existing electrical wiring the the house. Every z-wave switch that I have encountered requires 3 wires – line,load, and a true neutral. N-way switches require 4 wires – line,load,neutral and a fourth “traveler” on the main switch in the N-way. Auxiliaries in the N-way are slaves and use one wire to communicate state changes to the “main” which actually controls the circuit.

N-ways are a problem because there are multiple legal ways to wire an N-way from an electrician’s perspective but not all of those will work with z-wave switches because of the specific wiring.

In my personal house I have two N-way circuits - one for the entryway stairs (I live on 2nd and 3rd floors of a condo building) and a second for the stairs from floors 2-3. The construction electricians wired the entryway stair circuit in a way so that it could be automated, but the stairs from 2-3 are not compatible because of the specific wiring. Every N-way circuit needs to be specifically documented wire-by-wire to determine what your options are.