Histogram graph on metering - what do you use (Grafana, RRD4J or something else)

For including a good graph on some metering values (rain meter) - I have been using an RRD4J graph until now:


In my mind, it is not really intuitive - and I would prefer something like a histogram/bar chart - but as far as I understand, RRD4J cannot produce that ?

Through the tutorials, I have have taken the dive into Grafana - and it does produce nice graphs - including exactly what I want (I just installed InfluxDB - so the meter data for july 3 was not included):

… but what really annoys me is, that it seems impossible to change the date representation on the x-axis from US date format to something more “european” ?? It seems that no date-localisation options are available ? (and a lot of talk about this issue on the grafana community for several years without a resolution).

There must be OpenHab’ers out there who have run into this issue and solved it somehow - either by finding the solution in Grafana which I have failed to - or by using some other graphing solution ???

Any ideas ?

I am on latest stable OH (2.4) running on a PI3 - with latest Grafana (>6.x) + InfluxDB on top.


This is going to sound harsh and I don’t mean it to. But if you can’t find a solution on the Grafana forums and github issues, what makes you think that us here, as casual users of Grafana, would have a solution that the developers of and community that focuses on Grafana in specific doesn’t?

I do agree though that it is very frustrating that Grafana doesn’t support this.

The question should rather read as: any suggestions on how to solve it - either in Grafana or using something else - would be highly appreciated. Or does “everyone” simply live with this ?

Perhaps I had simply overlooked something in the various fora ?

Well, it’s wholly controlled by Grafana. Those date/times are coming from the database where they are in epoch (number of milliseconds since 1970/1/1 00:00) and it’s Grafana that creates the MM/DD HH:MM format on the charts. Neither OH nor InfluxDB (or whatever your database you are using) have any control over this.

It’s outside the scope of openHAB and not all openHAB users use Grafana and pretty much all of those who do know just enough to use it.

Any solution will have to come from Grafana, and as you found on their forums, Grafana doesn’t have a work around for this.

According to the still open Issues to add this feature you might be able to change the source code of Grafana to change the format yourself. Beyond that you either have to live with it or use something else. The developers of InfluxDB offer a Cronograf product. Maybe it has the ability to change this.