Hive / Hue bulbs migration

Hi I am new to Openhab and testing the waters using an old nexus 7 tablet as a wall mount and going very well.

To be honest I am not a fan of hive and would prefer to use hue for better compatibility, I dont want to replace every bulb as this will cost alot of $$$.

If I buy the hue bridge can I join my hive bulbs to the hue bridge? I know hive works with hue bridge so another way of looking at it is if i could control the hive bulbs using the hue app?

Thank You for any info

And this question relates to openHAB how?? openHAB makes no use of the Hue app.

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I think you can:

But is has nothing to do with OH. Or do you want to use OH as controller? It supports ZigBee.

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