HM-ES-TX-WM CCU Energy Counter in Openhab

Hi everyone,

I added an HM-ES-TX-WM with a gas sensor to my CCU3. I see my energy consumption in m³, kWh, and costs in the CCU after setting up everything correctly in the CCU general settings.

Adding the HM-ES-TX-WM to Openhab, I figured out that:

  • I only get the device energy data, but not the CCU data. This is an issue when the device energy data overflows and I want to access the accumulated data stored in the CCU.
  • I only have access to the m³ values, not the kWh and the costs. I understand that these values are calculated by the CCU but I would love to access and monitor them in Openhab without mirroring the calculation.

How do I get access to the CCU energy counter and the other parameters in Openhab?