HM-IP USB suppport existing for Raspberry PI running openHAB?

openhab 2.2 on a raspi 3.

Hi there,

I’m searchung for a way to use an HM-IP USB (e.g. device with openhab.

So ar I only found solutions using HM-MOD-RPI-PCB or RPI-RF-MOD RF module, which are both using the GPIO of the raspberry. Since I already used those GPIO for other purposes and in addition the raspberry is placed in a suboptimal location due to some reasons, an USB-module with respective extension-cable would be an elegant way to solve my problems.

Rasperrymatic seems to require a dedicated raspberry and I wonder whether it is not possible to run homematic-IP on the same device as openhab, like all the other homeautomation protocols (zigbee, zwave…). I successfully run a zigbee-usb transmitter already and my (maybe naive) dream would be to run homematic-IP the same way in parallel…

Thanks for hints!