I am the owner of the new Light sensor HM-Sen-LI-O.
I am using Raspi with Homegear version=0.6.7-1545 and Homematic version v1.8.3.

I’ve peered the new sensor sussessfully. But in Openhab logs I get the error:

2016-11-03 13:25:03.807 [WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can't find DatapointConfig[address=NEQ123456,channel=0,parameter=RSSI_DEVICE], value is not published to openHAB!
2016-11-03 13:25:03.821 [WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can't find DatapointConfig[address=NEQ123456,channel=1,parameter=LUX], value is not published to openHAB!

does anyone have an idea what I can do?

Restart openhab to reload all datapoints should solve the problem.


Thanks for your response!
Error message does not appear anymore. But I don’t get any values in my sitemap.

Name: LUX
TYPE: float
channel type: LUXMETER

my item:
Number LichtsensorAussen "Lichtwert [f Lux]" <weather> (Aussen) { homematic="address=NEQ1234567, channel=1, parameter=LUX" }

my sitemap:
Text item=LichtsensorAussen label="Helligkeit Außen" icon="sun"

do you have any idea? :wink:

Shouldn’t it be %f in:

Number LichtsensorAussen "Lichtwert [%f Lux]" <weather> (Aussen) {homematic="address=NEQ1234567, channel=1, parameter=LUX" }

Do you see updates coming in in homegear and in the openHAB events.log?

in homegear log file I can see something like this:

1/04/16 10:54:32.429 RPC client: Info: Calling RPC method "system.multicall" on server
11/04/16 10:54:32.430 RPC client: Parameters:
(Array length=1)
  (Struct length=2)
      (String) event
      (Array length=4)
        (String) Homegear
        (String) NEQ1356982:1
        (String) LUX
        (Float) 11960.1

so there is some data coming in.

but in openhab i don’t see anything in openhab.log there is nothing…
any ideas?

You have to look into events.log!

Everyone should know this section:

Thank you for the hint!

in events.log is something:

2016-11-04 07:25:13 - LichtsensorAussen state updated to 42.46
2016-11-04 12:10:12 - LichtsensorAussen state updated to 11339.660004

How do I get this value to my sitemap?

Number LichtsensorAussen            "Lichtwert [%f Lux]"        <weather>    (Aussen)        { homematic="address=NEQ1356982, channel=1, parameter=LUX" }

In my sitemap I get no data

(on a side note: you need to either Reply on my post or reference me in this way @sossowski, otherwise I’ll not be informed directly of your answer.)

There is no “Number” Element in a sitemap, you might use which visual representation seems best fitting to you. Does make sense if you think about it.

How about this?

Text item=LichtsensorAussen label="Lichtwert [%.1f lux]"

hi @ThomDietrich

in my second post in this tread I had the sitemap this way

my sitemap:
Text item=LichtsensorAussen label=“Helligkeit Außen” icon=“sun”

all other posts had the item, not the sitemap.

but anyway, with your suggestion it is working. it seems that I was very out of it. :wink:
Please excuse this!

ah, I didn’t see that.
Your error was to define the label only as the label part without the value part. Without the […] you are telling openHAB to not display a value on the right part of the sitemap…