HMIP e-TRV-2 thermostat mode change and Google Assistant


I’m using OpenHAB3 with the new UI and integrated my HMIP e-TRV-2 thermostats, which is basically working so far.

But two issues remain:

1st: I can’t change the operation modes (AUTO: thermostat uses schedule programmed through CCU, MANU: manually set, …) through OpenHAB. From what I found so far, it should be possible to send “0,1,2, or 3” via the “CONTROL_MODE” channel (there is another channel called “SET_POINT_MODE”), but this does not work for me. Any hints or anyone who has that working (which widget would be appropriate btw to choose between 0…3?)?

2nd: Is there a way to set the BOOST or change the modes (once it is working) through Google Assistant? They show up in GA, and I can see the current temperature and set a new one, but that’s basically all I can do…

Thanks for your help