HMIP-PSM wall plug: can turn it ON/OFF via UI, but not via sendCommand


I’ve got a HMIP-PSM wall plug, its switch channel is mapped to an item like this:

Switch PSM_HMIP_Relay_Switch "[MAP(]" (DefaultPersistenceNoRestore) {channel="homematic:HMIP-PSM:3014F711A061A7D709AC75E6:0001D3C99C3D0F:3#STATE" }

It’s included in my sitemap like this:

Switch item=PSM_HMIP_Relay_Switch label="Schaltsteckdose Diele[]"

Switching it on and off via the Basic UI works as expected.

Sending, from a python script:

events.sendCommand("PSM_HMIP_Relay_Switch", "ON")

does not work and consistently gives me this log error:

Device '0001D3C99C3D0F' is OFFLINE, can't send command 'ON' for channel 'homematic:HMIP-PSM:3014F711A061A7D709AC75E6:0001D3C99C3D0F:3#STATE'

I’ve checked the HomematicIP CCU Duty Cycle which stays below 14, all of the time. I’ve also tried to manually switch ON/OFF the wall plug a second before and after the respective rule does it. Manually switching always works (never get any OFFLINE error log message); sendCommand never does (always gives me the OFFLINE error log message). I’m puzzled as to what might be the problem?

Did you tried channel 4 or 5? Same issue?

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I’ve tried all, but to no avail. Have given up on it.

Ever found out what it was? Have the same plug and when I use the UI to toggle Channel 3 and correctly turns off or on, but when I tried turning it off using a scheduled rule channel 3 was set to off but it was no really off. Noticed that when turning it off “manually” or through the toggle it also turns off channel 2.

Unfortunately not. I have 2 of these devices (Firmware Rev. 2.18.22), and I keep firing 3x ON or OFF in a row, respectively, on Channel 3 just to make sure they react.