HmIP-WRC6: Channels for PRESS_SHORT missing


I added a HmIP-WRC6 (Homematic IP Wall-mount Remote Control - 6 buttons) to my system. Discovery in CCU2 and also Paper UI worked fine. But I only see (apart from RSSI channel) the channels for “PRESS_LONG”, e. g. homematic:HmIP-WRC6:myBridge:myThing:1#PRESS_LONG. All channels for “PRESS_SHORT” are missing.

Any ideas?

Some additional information: When I add items for the channel “PRESS_SHORT” and also a dummy program as described in the binding documentation ( I see different events in the log for short and long events.

I use openhab 2.0.0 and I am on stable branch.

thx, andre

Hi Andre

Did you ever find a solution for your problem?


Found the solution! It’s called “read the docs” :grinning:

First subheader in the Troubleshooting guide.

You need a workround: create a new program in the CCU2 that uses all 6 channels but doesn’t actually do anything. After that, you can simply use “SHORT_PRESS” in your item files even though SHORT_PRESS will not be listed in the Paper UI.

Maybe this helps someone:
I had to compare to triggers SHORT_PRESSED and LONG_PRESSED
The others didn’t work