HMIP WRCD + CCU3 Systemvariable + OH 3.2 = not updating

I have Openhab 3.2 up and running pretty stable.
The only leftover still is the epaper device WRCD.
I want to use it as a way to physically activate/deactivate cameras.

In order to have always the correct status globally, I created a script in ccu3 that displays the current camera status (on/off). This will be used to sync the status across virtual and physical buttons.

This variable is also mapped in OH3 as an item of the GATEWAY-EXTRAS thing.

What works:

  1. Button click on the device → proper update of status of variable in CCU3
  2. use the virtual switch of the item in OH3 → proper update of status of variable in CCU3

What does not work:
If the status of the variable changes, there is no update on the item. So the statusupdate of the ccu3 is not being recognized by the gateway-extras thing/item.

Errorlog is without entries.
Things (GATEWAY-EXTRAS, WRCD) have been deleteded and newly added.

Any help/indication would be highly appreciated


Have you read the troubleshooting paragraph of the homematic binding ?
It states:

Variables out of sync

The CCU only sends an event if a datapoint of a device has changed. There is (currently) no way to receive an event automatically when a variable has changed. To reload all variable values, send a REFRESH command to any variable. …