Hold state for x seconds so we don't re-trigger?

My mudroom has two motion sensors and a door sensor. If any of them are triggered the lights come on and music plays, this works great. I think have a timer that checks if there is still motion and if there is keeps things on (reschedules the timer) and that again works pretty well. My issue that I basically hit everyday is I come downstairs, motion triggers the light and then out of habit shut the light off as I leave. At this point I open the door which triggers the rule and turns everything back on. :thumbsdown: I’ve tried to change my habit and not turn the light off but that’s a lost cause, what I need something to keep track that I just turned the lights off so the door sensor doesn’t trigger it again. Any thoughts on the best way to approach this?

I would create a switch, say: MUD_MANUAL. Then, in a rule that triggers when the light receives command OFF i would check if your timer is running and if so, set MUD_MANUAL to ON.
Expand the door/motion trigger rule to only turn lights on when MUD_MANUAL is OFF. finally, set MUD_MANUAL back to OFF when timer expires.