Holiday temperature for a SCS317 thermostat


I have a Secure SCS317 programmable thermostat (it is the same than a Hortsmann HRT4-ZW as it is recognised at this at openhab).

According to its documentation the thermostat setpoint command:

Set, is mapped to the temporary (advance) override. The sent set point will be applied to the end of the current heating cycle.
Get, reports the current target temperature.
Sets and reports the temperature for both STANDBY and HOLIDAY modes.

I would like to access and configure this standby temperature from openhab. According to this I should create an item like:

Number scs317_standby_temp "Temperature: [%.1f C]" <temperature> (G_termostatos_temps) { zwave="6:command=thermostat_setpoint, refresh_interval=300" }

but I don’t know how to indicate that AWAY HEATING option in the command. Is it possible? How?

I think it should be “setpoint_type=13” on the item string (I’ve not tried this, but looking at the code, I think it should be correct).

Dear Angellus

I am a beginner with OH2, and I would like to known if the SECURE SCS317 is in your opinion a good thermostat to use with OH2. My knowledge is very poor I only have 4 rollershutter and a few rules …and my next step is to buy a simple chrono - thermostate to use it with OH2 and manually

Could you help me?

thank you.