Home app find only some openHAB items shared with homekit

I’m searching for help.
I’ve just installed on RPi3b+ OpenHAB 2.3
I’ve managed to discover all My item with Bticino binding 2 in paperUI.
Now i’m trying to setup my homekit plugin.
At the beginnig i’ve had some troubles pairing the hub from My iPhone but after clearing the pairings like described in an other thread it works great.
But every time i try to discover the hub i found a small amount of items.
I’ve got more than thirty items (switches,thermostats…).
The strange thing that confuses me is that after every reboot i do and new discovery My iPhone finds out a different Number of items ( first time 5, second 7, after that 9, then again 7…)
And every time different items…
Nobody has a solution about that?

I don’t know if I can say SOLVED, but after deleting all things and items uninstalled openwebnet binding and resinstalled and recreated all items everything is working.