Home Connect addon: Looking for beta testers

(Jonas ) #21

Hi Stefan,

is there a verification url at all? Can you please post your application config at the Home Connect developer site (you can blur the access tokens etc.)?


(Stefan M. Haller) #22

Hi Jonas,

a verification url I don’t see. What I have now is:


(Jonas ) #23

Hi Stefan,

looks good so far. Could you please post your curl requests and responses (please remove or change the client id etc.)?


(Jonas ) #24

Hi @H311m4n,

washing machines are supported now. :smiley:

The simulators at the Home Connect developer site are great, but they don’t always behave like a real devices. I only have a dishwasher at home to test my plugin. Hope it works for you. I’m happy to here how it works for you.


(Jon) #25

Hi Jonas,

Awesome thanks, will have to wait a bit until a can test this out as i’m swamped at work and leave for holidays on saturday.

Will let you know!


(Stefan M. Haller) #26

Hi Jason


curl -X POST   https://api.home-connect.com/security/oauth/device_authorization   
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache'   -H 'Content-T-www-form-urlencoded'   
-d 'client_id=MyClientID&scope=IdentifyAppliance%20Monitor%20Settings'


  "expires_in": 300,
  "device_code": "12345678-ABCD-0123-0123-ABCDE1234567",
  "user_code": "XXXX-ZZZZ",
  "verification_uri": "https://verify.home-connect.com",
  "interval": 5,
  "verification_uri_complete": "https://verify.home-connect.com?user_code=XXXX-ZZZZ"

from my point this looks ok. and as described

Putting the verify link to browser opens the page with login mask where I have to provide email and password.
And always reports: Login to server failed - please try again later.

if i just continue with step 6 anyway. Response is:

  "error": "authorization_pending",
  "error_description": "The authorization request is still pending as the end-user hasn't yet completed the user interaction steps"

Which is not really surprising as something is missing here.


(Jonas ) #27

Hi @smhaller,

Strange just tested it with my account and it worked.

One thing I’ve noticed. In your posted screenshots openhab2-binding settings, the Home Connect user account for testing is not an email address. I had to use, like in the mobile app, an email address.


(Stefan M. Haller) #28

Hi Jonas

I’ve got it working! Earlier it was possible to login with a username that was not an email, meanwhile this seems to have changed. And as the opening form check for a valid email address (not a username) it failed to authenticate. So I changed the details accordingly.


(Jonas ) #29

Hi @shorty707,

I’ve added fridge/freezer support. Unfortunately the Home Connect fridge/freezer simulator behaves strange sometimes. I couldn’t test if temperature changes or turning on the super mode is propagated to the binding via Server Sent Events. After reading the documentation I think it should work, but I couldn’t test it.

It would help a lot if you could check it. Please change the temperature on your appliance and check if the new values are visible in the PaperUI.


(Stefan M. Haller) #30

Hi Jonas

I’ve added te Siemens Washer and so far all looks fine. I have no control functions yet, just displaying the status values. I will test control functions asap


(Adrian Rinnus) #31

Hi Jonas,
I have added a Bosch dishwasher and a washmachine. Dishwasher seems to be working and washmachine will be added tomorrow :slight_smile:
Would you please add dryer support to the binding?
Thank you in advance!

(Adrian Rinnus) #32

Hi Jonas,
short feedback from my side. The wash machine interface works great as well as the dishwasher. Thank you very much for your work. Great job :slight_smile:

(Tom) #33

+1 for this!

I can test for you if that is any help.


(Jon) #34

I’m also having issues with the uri verification. First was getting “Login to server failed - please try again later.”. In the application, I had defined the user name from my profile.

I then changed this to my e-mail address and now I get “Your login details are incorrect, please check the information you entered.” using my e-mail and the password I use to log on to the dev portal.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…I know the password is correct.

Home Connect
(Curlyel) #35

Hi @jb4711,
first of all - thanks for this binding!

How is it related to @FanFan 's BSH Binding:

Is it based on it or a complete rewrite?
How about local connection from openHAB to the BSH appliances?
From reading the manual it seems, that the Bosch app can live without a permanent internet connection.

I asked similar to @FanFan one day, but did not get an answer yet:

Since I don’t have my BSH appliances (yet), I can’t test/verify the local operation myself.
Would be nice if you can try and shed some light on this :wink:

Thanks in advance.

(Jon) #36

Nevermind got it working!

(Jonas ) #37


@Saracen @Adrian_Rinnus: I will add dryer support next. Thanks for willing to test the thing once done.

@H311m4n: What was the problem? Should I extend the documentation?


Is it based on it or a complete rewrite?

It is a complete new binding. I first tried on a fork of @FanFan’s binding, but realized that it is better to create a new binding.

  • polling approach won’t work because of rate limits (https://developer.home-connect.com/docs/general/ratelimiting) 1000 requests per day is not enough to fetch the data frequently
  • I don’t like configuration files - now you just have to setup a api bridge
  • Server Sent Events wasn’t impl.
  • oAuth device flow was missing

How about local connection from openHAB to the BSH appliances ?

Haven’t done any research on this one. I’ve decompiled the original Home Connect app and had a brief look at the source code. Seems like the app is communicating with a different API. If I remember right it was using gRPC/Protobuffer (but I’m not sure).

(mattnl ) #38

Hi Jonas,

do you have any plans to merge the binding into master so that it will be available in the snapshot builds?

(Jon) #39

I was getting confused with the usernames/passwords. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me that I needed to use the username/password combination I use on my homeconnect app on my phone, and not the one I used on the dev portal. Maybe this was in the documentation and I missed it though.

That said, all works fine with the binding and my washer so thanks for your work!

(Jonas ) #40

Yes, I will create a PR once I have implemented all device types.