Home Connect addon: Looking for beta testers

(Jonas ) #61

Not sure yet. Do you think I can release it without actions like “start program”?

(Tomibeck) #62

Yeah I think so. In my opinion the usecases for starting your dishwasher or oven remotely are very rare. Biggest thing for me is to get the actual time left so that Alexa can tell me the food is ready. But that might just be me.
But I think it would make sense to simplify the authentication process. I think the way the echo control binding does it is really good.

(Tom) #63

Our Echo Dot announces that the “Washing machine has finished and the clothes can be removed” when the machine has finished a cycle.

My wife reckons it’s the best thing by far that our home automation system does.

She wants the same thing for the tumble drier!

I can’t imagine being able to turn on the thing remotely would be particularly useful but it would be quite fun to use Amazon Echo routines to say “Echo, the kids have been playing football and are covered in mud. Choose a suitable laundry cycle”. (for the football kit, not the kids).

(Jonas ) #64

:slight_smile: Cool.

I know that the process of using curl commands isn’t great but currently I don’t know of a better solution. The Home Connect API allows you to use the oAuth flows Authorization Code Grant Flow (https://developer.home-connect.com/docs/authorization/flow) and Device Flow (https://developer.home-connect.com/docs/authorization/deviceflow) for authorization. The first one would require that openhab is accessible via the internet (for callback of auth server). So only the last authentication method is left.

If anyone could help me or has an idea how to make it simpler, please give me a hint.

(Tomibeck) #65

Im not a programmer so cant really help you there. I think the echo control binding has a similar challenge. Before the bridge thing goes online there it will actually show a url on your openHAB machine. From there you can log into the Alexa app to get authorization. Maybe it’s worth checking with the dev for the echo control binding?

(Markus S.) #66

Hi Jonas.
Do you know where i can find the channel or info “fluff filter full” or “water tank full” by the dryer.
Thanks and greetings,

(Tom) #67

Dryer thing is recognised automatically in PaperUI.
Dryer Items all appear to be working.


(Markus S.) #68

Hi Tom.
Nice Widget. Can you post your code?
And can you check if the “water tank full” info arrives by operation state?

(Tom) #69

It’s not a widget. It’s just basic HABpanel.

I’d have to jury rig the water tank to test it - our dryer drain is connected directly the house waste pipe.

I can’t do it for a week though, sorry.

(Jonas ) #70

Hi Markus,

unfortunately the API seems not to impose those information. :frowning:
It’s the same for coffee machines. There is no information regarding the water tank. Maybe you receive a event if the water tank is empty but the API documentation isn’t mention it and the simulator does not emit such a event.

It would help me if you could sent me the events you’ve received via private PM.


(Markus S.) #71

Hi Tom.
How can i change the times from seconds into minutes?
Thanks for help,

(Jonas ) #72


depends on which UI you are using. In basicui just define a label

(Torgrim Teigstad) #73

Hi, and thanks alot for this binding. Now i finaly can get rid of my hacks using ifttt to get statuses into openhab.

I have installed the lastest snapshot from the link. 3 out of my 5 devices work flawless.
But my hood and hob dosent seem to be supported. When i go to the developer portal, i dont see them listed under the simulator either. Maybe they dont work yet?

However ifttt supports them.
Atleast i wanted to get controll over the lights on the hood.

I have the following items:
SIEMENS-SX858D16TE ( dishwasher)
SIEMENS-HM876GDB6S ( micro / oven)
SIEMENS-CS858GRB6S ( steam oven)

SIEMENS-LC97FVW60S ( hood )

I can ofc, provide logs or anything else.

(Tom) #74

Sorry, did not see this. Did you get the time conversion working?

I did this in a rule, (with conversion copied from another thread):


rule "Convert Dryer duration to HMS from seconds"

    Item dryer_remain_time changed
    // dealing with null value - i.e. if machine off

    if (dryer_remain_time.state != NULL) {


        if ((dryer_remain_time.state as Number).intValue()== 0 ) {

            virDryerDuration.postUpdate("Not running")


        else if  ((dryer_remain_time.state as Number).intValue() > 0) {

            val	totalSecsDry = (dryer_remain_time.state as Number).intValue
	        val minDry = (totalSecsDry / 60) % 60
	        val hrsDry = (totalSecsDry / (60*60)) % 24
	        virDryerDuration.postUpdate(String::format("%02d:%02d",  hrsDry, minDry))
    else {

        virDryerDuration.postUpdate("Not running")



// Dryer 

Number dryer_remain_time "Dryer remaining prog time"                       {channel="homeconnect:Dryer:SIEMENS-WT7HY791CH-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:remaining_program_time_state"}

//Virtual items

String virDryerDuration "Time left [%s]" 

(Markus S.) #75

Hi Tom.
Thank you very much for this Transformation.
Very Nice.

(Jonas ) #76


Nice, good to hear that 3 devices work for you. I’ll will add hood and cooktop to my todo list. They should work. But there is no simulator for these kind of devices. Once I’m done, it would help me if you could test the appliances. Thanks.

( . ) #77

Isn’t that something that UoM should fix?

(Tom) #78

Probably, but that is then and this is now.

(Ben) #79

Works like a charm for my new Bosch SMS88TI36E dishwasher!

It toke me a while to get the ‘thing’ up and running. I messed up the difference with the Home Connect App user and the Development part user. I used the same for both. Seems that a different username is better. As written in the installation steps. :blush:
And I changed also my vision to do it over the paperUI instead of the files. This gives the autodetection, a big plus.

Nobody has a list of the dishwasher programs I can put in a transfom file?
Today, my programs are coming in german words, and I prefer dutch.
The machine is put in dutch, so I don’t think it’s linke?

My first draft:


Thanks a lot for this binding!!!
I feel sorry that I didn’t bought a Bosh washing machine last month. The LG machine isn’t connected like this.

( . ) #80

Well… isn’t this thread about testing the binding? I didn’t say you are not allowed to. It would be a good addition to the binding, not sure if UoM could fix this.