Home.myopenhab.org broken

My Alexa can’t control my openhab right now, when I go to home.myopenhab.org I can get to the home page, but when I click the link for the dashboard I get a 504.


It’s working for me(tested Apr’23 10:54 UTC ).

Which is? Alexa voice or myopenhab.org dashboard? Neither work for me.

Dashboard is working for me, just editing my settings remotely atm…

My local dashboard works, but myopenhab.org dashboard still gives me a 504.

As said, I am working remote, this is the link in my browser :

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You announced a problem with home.mypenhab.org in the title, to which I replied.

Good for you. And as I said I’m getting a 504. Unless you can check the servers than your response isn’t helpful. We’re probably tied to different servers.

You should first check your logs to see if there is anything according the cloud-connector.
I have checked our servers and apart from some load issues, all looks fine for me.

I don’t see anything in the logs that’s helpful, but since you said you checked the servers, I restarted my openhab and did Alexa rediscovery. I don’t know what fixed it, but it’s workingnow.


Great, then please mark this topic as solved.

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I had a similar issue but with Google Home. I have been disconnected from Openhab cloud yesterday 5:45pm, and then 5:46pm have been reconnected (according to logs), but I was not able to control Openhab with Google Home anymore, until I re-started OpenHAB.

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