Home Project - Lot of Hardware

Hi, i’m new to this, i was tryng to get an alternative from Control4 … to expensive and i allways going to need someone to program new stuff.

So this is my scenario.

3 Bed Home, 2 Floors, Garage 2 cars

What do i have?

  1. Dell PowerEdge Server 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD
  2. Phillips Hue Bridge.
  3. Color bulb Phillips Hue
  4. Nest Cameras
    1 Vivint Panel
  5. Thermostast (I have the budget to purchase them, either ecobee or nest)
  6. Door Lock (Same as previous, i have the budget)
  7. Raspberry Pi3
  8. Raspberry Pi4

My Network.

  1. Unifi USG Controller
  2. USG Switches
  3. AP’s
  4. Cox 1GIB Speed.

2 Apple TV 4K

  1. FireTV 4K
    1 FireTV Toshiba Television

1 Vivint system.

So what’s the deal and what i want to have or planning to have.

On each Floor y pretend to have one Raspberry Pi, with a TouchScreen connected to it to act as a Flor controller.

So Next week i’m going to start install software on the server, and start things runing, but the big question is, what i’m missing? What type os Thermostats do i need? and what type of Door Lock do i need?

Help a brother here

Thanks !

Welcome to OH2.

Don’t think you are missing anything, yet. You will likely learn a whole lot by simply setting up what you have and getting it all to work. During this process, you will undoubtedly come up with more ideas for home automation (at least that is how it seems to work for most) and just organically grow it out.
As for more hardware to buy (thermostats, and locks), check what bindings are available, compare with additional hardware you already have or want to have, decide if you can use wire, and make sure you that your critical house functions will continue to operate when OH2 is down. The ability to heat your house and open and lock outside doors is generally critical enough that you do not want loose this feature, just because OH2 crashed (which undoubtedly will happen, when you are not home). Search the forum, but NEST may be a rather closed system now, if memory serves me well, the API is not public anymore which limits its usefulness for OH2.
But again, maybe just start with what you have and take it from there. Once you are done, you will have more information/ideas and a better feel of possible problems.

Where you can, go down the route of a wired network. Wifi is great in that it’s easy to use, but can influenced by a number of factors. CCTV cameras should always be hardwired as you don’t want to make it easy for people to try and break into your network.

I’d also suggest you document your plans, so you can see what your trying to achieve.

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