Home Theatre Amp Volume Control Using http Get?

Hi All,
I managed to get my home theatre amp to respond to IR commands using ESPeasy irsend command with an IR led on a GPIO using a transistor to drive the LED a bit harder.
So far the amp power can be controlled via OpenHAB ,see configs below, I want to control volume as well and have the up and down buttons showing in the web interface.
can someone help me with what must go in the items file, I need an http irsend command to be repeatedly sent while the up button is pressed and a different http irsend command to be sent repeatedly while the down button is pressed.
I can determine the IR code to send,I just need some help in getting openHAB to repeatedly send the http command when the up or down buttons are pressed.


Frame label=“Home Theatre Amp” {

Switch item=teac1

    Slider item=teac2  icon="app-icon"



Switch teac1 “Power Control” { http=">[ON:GET:,NEC,81CEE01F,32] >[OFF:GET:,NEC,81CEE01F,32]" }

Slider teac2 “Gain Control” { What goes here ? }

openHAB doesn’t support this sort of control. Commands are discrete events without a duration. There is no button pressed and button released event you can use to determine how long a button is pressed. You just get a single command no matter how long you press the button.

Thanks for reply,

Can you suggest another way to send an IR signal from openhab to an ESP8266 node ?

Is there another firmware I can use for the ESP I can send IR command by MQTT ?



Nothing I know of that would work out of the box. But you aught to be able to write something that works.