Home Theatre PUSH replacement

Hi all,

I have only just discovered openHAB and am hoping that I am posting to the most relevant forum.

I did a quick search but didn’t find anything about Push.

My understanding is that it was a proprietary Clipsal/Schneider product that is no longer supported from what I can find on other forums and my original installer no longer supports it which means when I replace faulty hardware if I can’t get the identical component it won’t work and I cannot update it because the Push editor was only available to dealers.

At this stage I am looking for a suitable replacement DIY so that I can update and add more automation as I learn, however, for now I would settle for being able to hook my amplifier and home theatre system including set top tv and gaming consoles so I can control them via an iPad app.

It looks like the Push system worked off my home network (wifi comms to iPad app) and then InfraRed connectors to my Amplifier, set top box and blu ray player which the app then selects as appropriate when the app “button” is pushed for PS2, TV, Streaming, etc.

I have included photos.

Could I interface openHAB to the Push device shown or would you recommend a similar device that works with openHAB?

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

Front of Push device

Rear of Push device

Couldn’t add a 3rd photo, so the model is PC4 Push

Of course it’s possible to build something like that, by using a Raspberry Pi or some similar SBC, you will need LIRC for the IR part.
As far as I understand, there are three infrared diodes which control the devices. Question is, do they send simultaneous or only one by one?

Hi Udo,

Thanks for the reply.

I am unsure if they send one by one or simultaneous with IR, however, I am thinking that because they only appear to emulate 3 different remote controls then either way would be fine as I just want to have one button on the app potentially turn on all 3 one after the other or simultaneously to have the correct devices turned on for the desired result.

For example only the amp needs to be on for Playstation as I turn the playstation on manually, whereas if playing a DVD both the Amp and Blueray need to be on.

The only potential issue is that I need to be able to turn the Amp on and select the appropriate “source” such as HDMI 1 or 2, etc.

Usually each of the devices is using another Code for the IR, so it should be working anyway.

Logitech Harmony is something similar (One controller for all devices) but as I don’t have such a device, I’m not sure if it’s possible to use both receive and send via Harmony Binding.