Homegear not sending messages to mqtt

I have installed Openhab 2.2, have various Homematic sensors wand want to migrate CCU2 to Opengear.
Registration on opengear under openhabian works fine, I can see the sensors within Openhab, but no messages are sent to the mqtt server even if the mqtt.conf file hat been edited (enabled = true).
As I want to use node-red to migrate my ccu2 programs I need to see the sensors within mqtt.

Rem: Mqtt is running as I can see other sensors like ESP8266 based switches sending data to the message server.

Does anyone have a solution or experienced similar problems ?

Not an expert but I think I needed the Mqtt add-on and binding loaded within openhab

And if you already have Mqtt messages being used on your network then I presume you have a machine with a broker on it?

You will need to enter the broker address into openhab mqtt config file as well

Openhab and mqtt seem to work, it is homgear that does not work and does not send data to mqtt