Homegear with Homematic binding: delayed change notifications

I am using Homegear with the Homematic binding to connect MAX! thermostats over a CUL stick. This generally works amazingly well, but I experience a delay that I would like to reduce, but I don’t know where.

When I change the set temperature at the MAX! device, the openHAB obviously gets notified only after a delay of around 10-30 seconds (varying). I assume that there is a delay of 30 seconds somewhere, but I can’t seem to find out where that could be. I don’t even know if it comes from Homegear or the Homematic binding or the connection between the two.

Any hints?

As far as I know the binding is pooling the information (possibly every 30s)
So you won’t be able to reduce that delay unless there is a parameter to set in the binding configuration