Homekit and Theromstat

I am setting up a set of rules that use sensores and power swithc devices to control humidity and temperture in various rooms.
This is on going and I see this as separate in many ways to what I a, asking here but it gives the context.

I would like to be able to set a room target temperture using Amazone Alexa; I do not have any particular thermostat device I simply want to capture that inputted value by the user into a number that I can then use as a target temperature in controlling heaters coming on and off.

I was thinking this is all possible but the first hurdle is getting the item below exposed to Alexa, (I have many switches and dimmers) exposed to Alexa this is the first time I have played with Number item.


Number BR1_Tgt_Temp "Bedroom 1 Target Temperature" (gMF) [ "TargetTemperature" ]

I discover devices but Alexa never picks this up.

Asistance and ideas welcome.


Please have a look at the Homekit documentation.
TargetTemperature is only available as part of a Group Thermostat

I haven´t tried to implement this yet.

Kind regards

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