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I am still a rookie in OH2, although I spent so much time with it now.
Although I have a good idea of IT technologies, the learning curve was really bold.

I have set up almost all my things now, and have created the channels/items using both, PaperUI, HABmin2 and a homekit.items File. Although I miss a bit of sense of achievement, I really like what I understood from OH2. Thank You guys for your enthusiasm and for making this.

Now to my question: am I right, when the OH2 HomeKit AddOn does not support as many items as the Homebridge implementation does?
I had a look at the sources and found the following characteristics for Homekit:


I set up the smoke sensors’ temperature sensor and others using sth. like

Number zwave_device_156efe49f02_node6_sensor_temperature "Temperatur Rauchmelder"	["CurrentTemperature"]   
Switch samsungtv_tv_0ee6b281_00fa_1000_8111_c4731edad996_power "TV Wohnzimmer"		["Switchable"]   
Switch SonosBadStandalone "Play:1 Bad Standalone"                                       ["Switchable"]

I don’t have any idea, how to query, how the battery status of my smoke sensor is, to close my rollershutter to 25%, switch tv channel/switch off, and last but not least “enable sonos partymode and play my radio fave”…

Do I have to wait for one of the HK AddOn’s next releases and/or IOS10? for characteristics like

["MusicPlayer"],["Rollershutter"],["Battery"] ?

As far as I understood from the Homebridge implementation, there at least controlling the rollershutters works (in German language)…

Can anyone help me understand?

Thanks You guys.

Check out this issue on github:

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