HomeKit change Symbol

how can I change a symbol in HomeKit?

I have integrated my Fibaro-CO-Sensor in openhab2 and HomeKit. Works well.
Now I want to integrate the alarm_co with home.items:

Switch HK_CO_Sensor_Alarm
    "Dash Warmwasser"
    [ "Switchable" ]
    { channel="zwave:device:2f243bdf:node3:alarm_co" }

This is shown as a Switch:

But I want the symbol of a “Security System” like this:

I have tried changing the to

Switch HK_CO_Sensor_Alarm
    "Dash Warmwasser"
    [ "SecuritySystem" ]
    { channel="zwave:device:2f243bdf:node3:alarm_co" }

But that doesn’t work… the item will disappear from the HomeApp on the IPhone.
What could be the issue?


Hi Stefan,
the tag “Security System” ist not supported in V.2.4 of the Homekit ad on.
If you want to update your Homekit ad on take a look at:

Hi Peter,

sorry, i don’t get it.
On this github-site, there is version v2.4.
Where can I upgrade the HomekitAddon? And which version is the current one?


The current Release is 2.4.6
Please have a look at this thread from the maintainer Tim Harper.

Sorry for the wrong link. It should be this: Announcing some improvements to the Homekit plugin for OpenHab2
You can find a description how to install.