Homekit Color item status issue always on / Wifi LED Binding

Hello guys! I´m new in this community!

short information about my operating system:
raspberry pi 3 with openhab 2.3 ( latest stable )

My problem ist, that Color items from WIfi LED Binding in homekit not right work.
I have some RGB / RGBW Stripes, the problem is at both.
The Color item is shown in Home App, but the status it always “on,100%” and the color change doesnt work too in home app. It only works to set it on or off.

Sample Item config in Home.items:

Color BathroomLEDstrip “Bathroom LED strip” [ “Lighting” ] { channel=“wifiled:wifiled:F0FE6B673EA0:color” }

What i´m doing wrong?

First, please use the code fences

What does the thing look like? It is online?
Does the colour change work on a sitemap?

thanks for the fast reply, the item works in openhab, its online and work to 100%. The Problem is only in Home App.

From what I gather by reading other threads is that maybe your openhab-homekit link is not quite working.
But I can’t help you any further than that. I do not have nor will I never have apple products in my house.