Homekit Contact sensors are here

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(Mihir Patil) #1

Thanks to Philipp Arndt on GitHub, we might soon have contact sensors for HomeKit! The pull request is here. To add a contact to HomeKit, add the tag ContactSensor. You can download the jar file here.

(Wilfried Dohmen) #2

Just a naive question. I do use only apt or install (via PaperUI etc) to update my openhab.
How do i get the updated Homekit add-on ? I don’t use GitHub on my Pi.

(Mihir Patil) #3

Download the jar and put it in the addons folder. Then run bundle:start org.openhab.io.homekit

(alex_bartis) #4

Does this work for anyone? I’ve added the tag but the items don;'t show up in homekit