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i use homekit with openhab and it’s work fine with wifi. but i would like use homekit when i 'm not in my house, so i open all the port in my adslbox for openhab (create a dmz) and in the configuration (paperui) i put my ip public adress (i try 82.246.X.X:8080 or 82.246.X.X) but it’s not work.

do you know if homekit works in 4g (outside house) and how configure it.

thanks a lot

Homekit works away from home - if you have a homepod or recent model Apple TV at the house and logged into the same iCloud account as your phone. Apple calls this a “home hub”

This can also work with certain iPads if you do the right settings.

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who knew! I will delete my post.

thank you for your answer crxporter

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Have you been hacked yet?

I would close those port pronto if I were you!!

i close my dmz but i need to let the port open for access openhab when i’m not in my house.

This is a bad idea. I suggest that you use a VPN instead of just punching a hole though your firewall. That bot in not secured and you will get hacked eventually.