Homekit: “Favorite“ switch greyed out on iPhone


I just set up the Homekit addon on my openHAB 3.3.0 instance. The main feature, controlling items that are known to Homekit, works like a charm. However, I am having two minor but 2 annoying issues:

  1. I am the „Home“ owner and on my iPhone with iOS 16.0.2 I always see this red marked message on the following screenshot:

    Any idea how I can get rid of it? I just can click on it and then I see a message that I should buy a homepod to allow remote control of my homekit. Once closed I see this message again. On my wife‘s phone, she got invited to the home instance, I do not see this message.

  2. On my wife‘s phone, the invited person, all devices are shown as „Favorites“. I cannot switch it off on her phone:

    When working with Homebridge one could also not switch off/on favorites when invited to a home but the favorites defined on the „host“ account were also passed over to all invited persons. Any idea why this is the case?

So, I experienced the answers :wink:
The message „No remote access“ disappears once the openHAB Homekit instance is the main home inside the home app.

The favourite feature has a small backward compatibility issue when creating the home in iOS 16 and someone using iOS 15.7 joins. On the iOS 15.7 instance the favourits defined on the iOS16 instance are ignored. Once all clients updated to iOS 16 everything works fine.