Homekit, Hue, Lightify, Somfy io, Elgato Eve

Hey there!

I’m new to this topic, so first of all, excuse me if I ask some simple & maybe silly questions.

The past three years, I equipped my home with several home automation devices. I am very interested in new technologies, and I really like the multiple options, these new technologies bring.

My setup at home is based on Apple Homekit, with which are bound some Philips hue spots and bulbs (via hue bridge), some Elgato eve energy plugs, one Elgato eve room and one Elgato eve weather. As bridge for homekit, I’m using an Apple TV 4. This works so far, using several Apple devices for managing.

In addition to this I have working:

  • Some Osram Lightify bulbs and spots in the garden, bound to the Lightify bridge.
  • Two netgear arlo cameras, bound to the arlo bridge.
  • A Sonos system
  • Several jalousies which are equipped with Somfy io homecontrol motors. For these, I have the Somfy Tahoma bridge, so I can manage them by iOS devices.
  • A QNAP

So far, so complicated, because I have to use several apps for managing the devices and – which is worse – some devices can’t interact.

As far as I understand, openHAB could be my solution to manage all devices from one application and to smart connect them.

Hue, Elgato, Sonos and Lightify shouldn’t be a problem, but is there anyone who knows if the Somfy io homecontrol devices can be bound to the system? This would be an absolute precondition for me.

(Netgear arlo would be nice, too, but not as important as the Somfy system.)


Somfy IO hoemcontrol seems to be only possible using the Somy Tahoma APIs, which means communication is going to Somfy first and to the Tahoma Box afterwards. Not really local, but at least it would do the job similar to Netatmo or other bindings.

The TaHoma API should have anything needed to implement e.g. Discovery of devies and so on. Unfortunately no one did it yet and I’m not a very well Java programmer to do it on my own. Still looking forward to integrating it, for me possible solution could be using MQTT and some simple scripting instead of full blown binding.


I might help with the programming but I would need more information. What APIs are available? What hardware is required? And so on. Could anyone give me some more hints to start with?

Maybe this one ?

I am certainly interested in this project. happy to help out.

Hi, Tahoma binding is ready (one version for OH1 and one for OH2 too), please check this thread

Thanks for updating this thread!