Homekit humidity problem

I’ve got the Homekit link with OpenHab 2 up and running just fine.
I’m trying too get Homekit to display humidity values correctly. But when I use the tag “CurrentHumidity” Homekit wont accept it. It shows a connection error and that affects all other things displayed in my Homekit app. When this error is present all things in the Homekit app shows connection error.
This is the line in my .things file I’m trying too use,
Number HK_BadRum_Hum “Luftfuktighet [%.1f %%]” (indoorhum) [“CurrentHumidity”] { channel=“zwave:device:97ab4343:node11:sensor_relhumidity”}
but maybe I have done something wrong.
If I replace “CurrentHumidity” with “CurrentTemperature” the value are shown in Homekit but as an temperature not humidity.
Could anyone point me in the right direction, thanks

please don’t mix up configuration.
The .things file is for Things definition, Bridges and channels can be configured as well.

Items are configured in .items files. This:

Number HK_BadRum_Hum "Luftfuktighet [%.1f %%]" (indoorhum) ["CurrentHumidity"] {channel="zwave:device:97ab4343:node11:sensor_relhumidity"}

is an item definition.

As I don’t use neither Homekit nor zwave, I’m sorry I can’t help you with your problem.

oops, I wrote wrong. I meant my .Items file, sorry about that