Homekit installation completely unclear

It might sound strange, but i am completely lost with trying to install the Homekit binding to my openHAB (3.3.0 on Raspberry 4 with openhabian).
Either i have a total glitch in understanding english or the documentation is not very precise so i’d like to post this question here:
What are the steps to connect Homekit to my openHAB? This:

  • install homekit binding via UI
  • add metadata to an existing item (see UI based configuration)*
  • scan QR code from UI->Settings->HomeKit Integration*

doesn’t help at all, sorry. What does installing via UI mean? I want to discover the items with openHAB instead of creating them from scratch to add metadata to each one. And i don’t see a QR code …
So what am i doing wrong?

Goto http://pi:8080/settings/addons ( replace parameter depending on your setup ) and select the homekit binding.

is the binding installed ? Without I would assume you will not see a QR code.

I have the binding installed, yes. It was found under other addons, not under Bindings where i would have searched for it.
But anyway, i installed it. But again it isn’t placed with the other bindings and there is no way to interact with it. And i have removed it and installed it again with the same result.

You completely misunderstood the homekit docs, it is not a binding, it is a system integration.

Using this add-on, you will be able to control your openHAB system using Apple’s Siri, or any of a number of HomeKit enabled iOS apps.

So it is meant to control your openHAB items, which you have marked with special metadata, with you homekit enabled iOS apps.
Not the other way round, therefore you cannot discover items in openHAB.

Then i am afraid that your documentation is very inaccurate. It says Binding there.

And disappointed as i was hoping to be able to integrate my Aqara sensors and switches into openHAB, because they work fine in Homekit.
Too bad, but thanks anyway for clearing this up.

OMG, you found the one sentence that is wrong and call our docs „very inaccurate“.

The homekit addon is listed under system integrations, not under bindings and the first two sentences of the documentation make clear what it does:

This is an add-on that exposes your openHAB system as a bridge over the HomeKit protocol.

Using this add-on, you will be able to control your openHAB system using Apple’s Siri, or any of a number of HomeKit enabled iOS apps.

Reading and understanding this, you would not have come to the installation part, as this addon does not what you want.

I didn‘t mean to be rude, sorry.

But yes, the use of „binding“ gave me the wrong impression. So it‘s me being angry at myself for not reading closely enough and basically having wasted my time with openHAB expecting things it can‘t deliver.

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No worries, but searching here for Aquara gives you a lot of information how to use this devices within openHAB.
So your expectation was not completely wrong.