[HomeKit] Is there a limit in homekit clients?

Hi, is there a limit on how many HomeKit clients can connect to openhab?
I have 3 HomePods minis two iPhones and several macs and apple watches in my house. HomeKit does not work ever on the three HomePods at once. The best I had is 2 working.
I guess there is a limit of the number of clients that can connect. Is this correct?
If so, how do I change this limit?

Hi Manuel,

if there is a limit then not on openhab side.
i dont have HomePods but have more than 10 clients of different types, watches, macs, tvs, iphone. all works fine.

please check settings on HomePods. as far as i know they can acts as homekit bridge, maybe you need to disable this function on one of them.

Thanks, I checked and now this is handled automatically. I cannot enable or disable it. It just connects one of the HomePods and the other two are in waiting mode. It works just in the one that is connected as hub. The other two do not work.
Never had a problem in iOS devices, just in the HomePods. It might be an Apple problem.