Homekit mDNS service doesn’t work after restart of OH

Running openHAB 3.1.0 Release Build on Docker container on a Synology.
Use homekit integration with mDNS.
When restating OH, homekit doesn’t work. I have to disable mDNS service, save and reenable mDNS. Then it works.

Any ideas why it doesn’t work from the beginning on?

I logs there is no hint or error or something like that.

there were reports on mDNS issues in combination with docker. it looks like ipv6 make issues. disabling ipv6 solved the issue in many cases

Which settings do you mean? Advanced network settings? There the IPv6 setting is already disabled:

On a docker level.
I disabled v6 in the docker compose file and it works nicely ever since.

Sorry for this stupid questions but I’m not so familiar with docker. I’m running docker on a Synology. Do you know how to disable IPv6 there?

Sorry, no idea. I run my containers on debian Linux, running on a NUC