HomeKit Metadata Setup

Hi all,

before I start: HomeKit is working fine!

But I want to know how to setup the details settings within MetaData, especially the Room/Name Handling.

Here is a simple setup of a Temperature Sensor:
I use the UI to set it up with OH 3.1:

The minValue data is working because it updates the value in HomeKit when no TempValue is available. So general Setup is working, but I want the device to appear in the correct room/name.

What am I doing wrong here?

The link to the channel is as follows:

Same goes for the Battery Status. How do I manage this for HomeKit? It is an Homematic Thing…

Best regards

Hi Stefan,

it is not possible to set room name from openHAB. this is not limitation of openHAB but of Apple HomeKit standard. room assignment can be only done manually.

one tip: put room name as first in the item name. once the room is assigned in home app, it will remove it from item name.
item name in openHAB: “kitchen light”.
once you assign it to the room “kitchen” it will appear in the home app as “light”.

regarding battery:

  • create an item for battery, e.g. switch that indicates low battery
  • add item to the group with device it belongs to, e.g. “Temperature Diele”.
  • add battery metadata to battery item