Homekit -no connection after 3.3 update

I updated my system to OH3.3. (Raspi4).
After the update all items are not responding anymore in Homekit.
Stopping/starting OH and the bundlle itself doesn’t fix it.

Any idea how to get my devices respond again in Homekit? I don’t like the add the bridge again and assign all the 100+ items again to Homekit rooms etc.


I was able to fix it.
At the HomeKit addon settings in openhab a wrong IP address was entered.
Changing this to the same like the openhab Server fixed the problem for me.
No idea why it changed after the update.

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please report if you see any other issues with homekit binding on oh3.3

After updating to OH 3.3, HomeKit would throw errors and would not start for me, it showed “Waiting” in console. Sorry, but I did not save the errors.
The issue was with “BatteryLowStatus” on my Schlage door locks. I removed that HomeKit setting and it is working correctly now.

{channel="zwave:schlage_be469_00_000:controller:node64:battery-level"}//, homekit="BatteryLowStatus"}