Homekit not found


I’m new to openHAB but I am quite exited about it. I tried it out with IHC add-on + HomeKit and I got those to work just fine (installed on a Mac). My iPhone was able to detect all lightbulbs in the “Home” app.

Then I thought if I am going to be using openHAB, I might as well install it on my Synology DS410 (since this is always on).

I can install everything and it appears to be fine (like on the Mac), but the iPhone can’t find it. I already deleted that “Home” to start over. It is as if openHAB / HomeKit doesn’t broadcast the homekit protocol?

Does anyone else experience similar problems with openHab / HomeKit on Synology?

Most probabyly you need to clear the old pairing first:

go to karaf:

ssh -p8101 openhab@localhost (Password is habopen)

and then clear the parings:

smarthome:homekit clearPairings
smarthome:homekit allowUnauthenticated true

Then you can do the pairing from iPhone/iPad again.