[HomeKit] Not reachable over cellular


i have configured Homekit over Openhab without problem. All works perfect. My wife and i can access all items via Siri - its awsome. But if i turn wifi off, all items in openhab goes offline. Is it possible to access them over the openhab cloud? Should i have to configure it?

do you own a Homepod/AppleTV/iPad which works as a homehub?
If not you can’t access the Homekit via remote access.

see here:

Nice! Thanks, that was new for me! Now my iPad is the homehub. But in the documentation of apple says, that i need the same appleId.
Is it possible for my wife too? We have a family account and i invited her to my “Home”. But she uses her own appleId.

Edit: Ok it works too. Thanks for yout Help :slight_smile: !

Yup, just have to share your home to ‘friends’ in the app

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Does that actually work? I tried to share with my wife and that broke the openhab homekit integration. I had to reset everything and reconfigure all in homekit, i.e. assign equipment to rooms.

Weird. I haven’t had that issue, sharing worked quite smoothly for me.