Homekit - OpenHab - Crestron

Hi Guys.

Did just trip over OpenHab when i was google around, so have never used it, and i couldn’t find
any topics on what I’m looking for, so excuse if i put it in the wrong plays, and if it already is there!

First i wonder if there is any easy commands to control and get ascii info to and from OpenHab, for control from any other systems, like Crestron?! or any API for that??

The thing i want to achieve in the end is to have HomeKit control over a Crestron system, and one thought was to using OpenHAB to control my Z-wave light modules etc, and have the home kit communication, and then use Crestron as the main control interface, since that system has all the physical in and output i want, and i can design the layout for the control screen as i want. :slight_smile:

Hi Robert,

Have you found yet a way to interface with Crestron?



I have a 2 series Crestron processor. It used to handle all of my automation and lighting control. But slowly over time I have migrated almost everything over to Openhab and Nodered.

If you use a UDP node in nodered to port 8080 of the Crestron, and a UDP/IP Communications module in Crestron, you can send messages back and forth between the 2 systems.

This allows me to use my Crestron keypads and touchscreens throughout the house and the commands get relayed into nodered which then sends the commands to my lighting or other scenes.

It took me awhile to figure out how to get the 2 systems to talk but it works well.

I hope this info helps.