HomeKit problems after migration from 2.5 to 3.3

Some days ago, I migrated my old 2.5 OH2 installation to the current stable 3.3 (based on OpenHabian).
I used a new Raspberry, installed the last image of Openhabian and restored my openhab backup into the new environment (both based on a Raspberry Pi 4b).

More or less everything is working (150 things, 557 items based on 10 bindings).

In addition I used the HomKit integration for

  • heater
  • switches
  • garage door
  • temperature sensor
  • window blinds

Unfortunately, after switching to 3.3, I only see my heaters.
No switches, no window blinds, no garage door, no temp sensors :frowning:

I tried to uninstall and install HomeKit integration → no change
I tried to remove the OpenHAB bridge on my phone → no change

What can I do?

there was a major change in the homekit configuration at item level.
in 2.5 you could use labels, something like
Switch light "Light" ["Lighting"]

this is not supported in 3.x anymore. you have to use metadata
Switch light "Light" {homekit="Lighting"}

so, please make sure all your items have metadata attached to them

Thanks a lot !

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