[Homekit] Propagate item name changes from OH to Homekit

Hi, is there a way to propagate a name change from openhab to HomeKit?
I recently tried the 1HOME box (I returned it), and I noticed that when I renamed something in Loxone, it showed with the new name in 1HOME and the name of the item in Homekit was also updated.

It would be great to have to maintain the naming only in one place.

Removing the Openhab bridge from HomeKit and adding it again is not a solution as all the rooms and icon settings (contact sensor as window or door) are lost.

I hope someone knows how to do this.

home app reads names only on initial accessory load or on changes in accessory list. afterwards it works only with id of the items.

what you can try, add new homekit item, it could virtual one, save it, wait until home app get refreshed, and delete this item again. this should force home app to re-read all accessories including names

another option would be to use a dedicated String item for name tagged as homekit=“name” but then you would need to use groups for all your items to group them with corresponding name items.

I have renamed them in HomeKit and saved the configuration with the iOS app Controller.
It was a neat trick from 1HOME to keep this always in line without any extra effort.