Homekit reconnection failed


I´m using openhab version V2.5.4-1 on RaspberryPi 2 Model B Rev1.1 and Linux Kernel 4.9.35-v7

After update the IOs devices to version 14.2 the apple homekit doesn´t find the openHab device and I´m not able do reconnect it.
I followed the steps of topic https://community.openhab.org/t/connection-to-homekit-dont-work/94108 and the bundle is running on the prefered version.

But in the apple home app I´m not abble to setup a new device. I used the way by setting up the new device with manual code. But the home app can´t find openHab.

Any ideas?

probably openHAB is still paired with old device or iphone thinks it is still paired with openHAB. try to execute on the karaf console

homekit clearPairings

afterwards openHAB should be visible as new accessory in home app. if not, then it is in most cases a network issue, e.g.

  • openhab homekit has wrong IP address in the setting, e.g. 2.44 in your cases,
  • the IP address is not accessible for ios device,
  • multicast DNS between networks (wifi/ethernet) is blocked

for troubleshooting you can install ios app

and scan the network. you should see openHAB in _hap._tcp section

Thank a lot


solved the pairing problem.

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