Homekit Rollershutter Control

Hello folks,

I am very new to home automation and decided to implement my LCN System to OpenHAB. For daily use i want to use Homekit to control every accessories. Lighting and Color control works perfect for me, except controlling my rollershutters. Currently the only possible states for my rollershutters are UP/DOWN/STOP (my LCN only supports those states on the bus). Opening percentage or tapping a target position does not work. When i´m trying to add these rollershutters via “windowcovering” tags, the homekit accessory is shown in the Home app, but does not change any states. It´s like stuck in a loop without changing anything. My thought is there isn´t any rollershutter control integration in the home app yet. Does anyone know any workarounds like specific rules or scripts to control those? Like assigning a specific opening percentage to a specific time, the rollershutters are moving? Glad to hear your thoughts and ideas. I am a noob on the whole scripting thing, so please be patient with me :smiley:

Hi Nicolas,

it looks like this is rather common issue.
the solution is to define rules to map percentage to up/down.
here is a discussion with rules examples